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  • Aug 22,  · Does anybody know if "VIOLENTLY ILL" means "ill in a way that makes you have a violent behavior" or just "very ill"?? Thank you so much, Silvia. Lagartija Senior Member. Western Massachusetts. English, USA Feb 21, #2 silvicrima said: Hello, Does anybody know if "VIOLENTLY ILL" means "ill in a way that makes you have a violent behavior" or.
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  • Transcript for Kids get 'violently ill' after chlorine exposure in pool Thanks very much. To Utah now where nearly 50 people most children are sick after being exposed to .
  • Causing or intending to cause damage, injury, or death, often when involving great force: a violent car crash; a violent attack.
  • Sep 11,  · To me, the words "violently ill" generally mean vomiting, etc. It need not be serious illness (one could be "violently ill" after a night of drinking, for example) but the word "violent" implies "upheaval" to me.
  • Apr 02,  · Violently ill. Sadly, this happened on our 4th time here. I had to go to the Dr. due to food poisoning, and missed 3 days of work it was so bad. I feel that I needed to let the establishment and future customers know of this unfortunate incident. Date of visit: April TripAdvisor reviews.
  • The couple became violently ill after being exposed to what they suspect were insecticides spread through the air conditioning system.
  • Despite what some people seem to recall, the Nineties were a great era to be into indie/underground music. Or at least I’m forced to remember it that way, as those were my twenty-something years of age, the time when I think most find their direction as far as music/culture go.

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