8 thoughts on “ It Must Be... - The Winnerys - Skreeeeek (DEMO Jewel Case) (CD)

  • Jewel cases from Sounds Wholesale Ltd also don't have the compact disc logo on the top-right and bottom-left corners of the tray. Worst of all, the trays fit so loosely to the outer case that they actually fall out if you turn the case upside down and give it a shake. You're either working at Sounds Wholesale Ltd or just very, very uninformed.
  • SLIM JEWEL CASES - SPACE SAVING PACKAGING SOLUTION. Trimmed, sleek and light as feather, these features make slim jewel cases an all-time favorite. These jewel cases are so slim that they are half the thickness of standard jewel case. You can maximize your space as these slim jewel cases do not occupy much of space.
  • cd jewel case creator free download - CD Jewel Case Creator, AMF CD and DVD Jewel Case and Label Maker, Zip Disk Jewel Case and Label Creator for Word, and many more programs.
  • When CDs first started showing up on retail shelves, the Jewel Case was the standard. To this day, Jewel Cases give your release a polished, professional look, and remain one of the most popular choices for retail-ready CD packaging. Typically chosen for full-length albums, our Jewel Cases give you the option of adding up to a page booklet.
  • Jun 19,  · Jewel cases are - and always were - a blight IMO. After ripping, I store the CD and booklet in a CD binder. These binders go into storage. I recycle the jewel cases. I don't do this so much for backup (the thought of re-ripping + CDs is a horror). Just to preserve the collection and the revenue to the artists sans the wasteful jewel cases.
  • Multi-Disc Jewel Cases. Choose from jewel cases that hold from 2 to 6 discs. Our 2-disk CD case features the Smart Tray which holds 2 CDs in a standard single jewel box. The Slim Triple has been a favorite of our customers who wish to maximize space and store 3 CDs in the space of a standard case.
  • Sep 21,  · Way back in the days of I think machines, I had and used Easy CD Creator 4. What I really miss is the Jewel Case program. In cleaning up my office the other day I ran across the original install discs. Does anyone know if there is a way to install and use just the jewel case .
  • Jan 06,  · Happy New Year everyone! I thought the best way to celebrate is to release this tutorial on how to replace your CD Jewel Cases. Most of the ones that we have are in bad condition and there is a.

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